PurSue Hope


Give One Get One

The idea for Give One Get One began nearly 15 years ago,        

but did not come to fruition until August 2011. 


The founder, Susan Swiger, is a breast cancer survivor from Chesterland, Ohio.  Susan was blessed to have the support, love, and dedication of her husband, Michael, and children James and Audrey, as well as her family, friends and church.  She experienced the confusing, exhausting, and frightening journey of diagnosis, treatment and now survivorship of breast cancer.  The Swiger Family recognized early on that many women diagnosed with breast cancer do not have the same support system so critical to successful treatment.  It is now their turn to give back through PurSue Hope and Give One Get One.


PurSue Hope is a local, non-profit company.  The mission of Give One Get One is to provide women undergoing treatment for breast cancer with a free, beautiful purse filled with the items that Susan, as a survivor of breast cancer, found helpful during her treatments. 


For every donation of $100 or more, the donor will receive a PurSue Hope market tote, specifically designed for us and made in the USA.  In addition, PurSue Hope will donate to a woman undergoing treatment for breast cancer a PurSue Hope market tote filled with a pink Bible, a CD by local recording artist Mindy Callahan, a satin pillowcase, a coupon for a free pink doughnut at Patterson Fruit Farm, a pair of earrings again specifically designed for us along with many other items Susan found useful during her journey.  It will also include the story of Susan and her family from April 28, 2010 through today – when their journey began and how the Lord protected, provided for and encouraged them.   


Through Give One Get One, the filled pink purse can be taken by the purchaser and given directly to someone they know going through breast cancer treatment, or the filled pink purse will be donated to someone receiving treatment at the UH Seidman Cancer Center, where Susan received her excellent care, or other center/foundation for women receiving treatment for breast cancer.  Each pink purse comes with a note card the donor can fill out, including their own words of encouragement for the recipient.   The pink bags will be delivered personally by the Swiger family or one of our “GOGO Girls” (fellow breast cancer survivors) so those receiving the gift can meet a survivor, see that hair does indeed grow back, and be encouraged by others.


With 892 unique cases of breast cancer diagnosed just at the UH Seidman Cancer Center in 2010 alone, as well as current statistics of 1 in 8 women being diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, chances are high that you or someone you know and love has been touched by this tragic epidemic.  Please help us in encouraging that next person until this disease is WIPED OUT! 

For a suggested donation of $25 or more, receive our beautiful custom designed, reversible woven market tote!  Available in several different patterns.


Fun Facts about the goodies in our PurSue Hope Market Tote:


·                  Our pink market totes are specially designed and made for us by a company in San Francisco, CA.

·                     Mindy Callahan is good friend of ours, and very supportive of PurSue Hope – she not only has arranged for us to purchase her CDs at cost but has donated many CDs as well!  As you will hear, the CD is beautiful, and she has a new Christmas CD being released nationally on Dec. 7th!  She is performing live for us this evening!  

·                     Mindy, along with Thea O’Donoghue, Independent Arbonne Consultants, arranged for our awesome Arbonne Lip Saver SPF 30 lip glosses to be donated from Arbonne International!  These are included these because during treatment, ladies have to be diligent about sunscreen!

·                     A dear friend of mine, Kathryn, was so touched to read about how helpful silk pillowcases are when going through treatment that she has donated hundreds of silk pillowcases.  She picks them out herself and wraps them up with a pretty silk ribbon and prays!  Initially she selected whites and creams, but decided that the bright and bold patterns would be more cheery and fun!

·                     The beautiful earrings are a true labor of love from Living Hope and the Watoto Children’s Villages of Africa.  Women in the village made these earrings specifically for us.  In a lovely full circle, our purchase of these earrings supports these ladies who are being rescued out of the sex trade and child soldiering so prevalent there.  They are being trained in various small businesses, such as making jewelry and our cross body bags so that they can support themselves and their families!  When our ladies wear these earrings or use the cross body bags, what love and an encouragement they are being to ladies across the world!

·                     The cute pink socks were lovingly hand-dyed and wrapped by a good friend and all 8 of her children, 6 of which have been adopted.  On a very tight budget they wanted to get involved so each of the kids helped to dye and wrap the pairs of socks, including the little jewel(s), and prayed over the wearers to be!

·                     The Bible ~  Not only is it the most important item in our bag, to encourage the ladies more than I ever could, but we thought that everyone could appreciate the “larger print” edition. J

o       The Pink NIV version that we have included in the past bags is now out-of-print (we are waiting for it to come back into print) – it is awesome if you can find one, with excerpts from women going through treatment for breast cancer.

·                     The soft little knitted squares are “prayer cloths” made specifically for us by fellow breast cancer survivors – rather than a prayer shawl, the thought is that they can tuck this in their bag or purse to remind them that they have been and are being prayed for.  

·                     This same group of ladies knitted the chemo caps as well – they are so nice and soft to wear.  I wore these soft caps at home to keep warm and cozy when I was without hair.J

·                     Whether the ladies receive a scarf, thermal tote, key fob, rosette or our Fold ‘n Go, each is a Thirty One item included as a fun pick-me-up item!  I am a Thirty One consultant, to help support PurSue Hope and just love the company and items!

·                     The notebook and pens are also cute and helpful for the multitude of appointments and information that each lady is gathering… thought we’d try to make them a little more fun!


We just wanted you to know a little about the thoughts behind our PurSue Hope tote and goodies.  The contents change but not the love and prayers!  God bless you! 


 “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy and My burden is light.”  Matthew 11:28-30